Assault Plans

Meanwhile, at the Rebel base, Mon Montha and General Rieekan discuss plans for their next raid on the Imperial supply routes

Another scene from the Star Wars Lego ideas book.

This image took Blender a full hour to render. I did an initial attempt with coloured lighting in the transparent bricks but it was rendering very, very slowly and introduced a whole load of noise so I discarded that and went with a simpler lighting setup.

Blender produces some really high quality images but is incredibly slow. I have tried using Unreal Engine 4 for the output images but this hasn’t worked consistently.

UE4 will render an image in seconds and an animation in minutes (or even less) but I’m still new to it and I’m really struggling with the lighting of a scene.

I place the lights and get the scene looking great and can even run an animation. The issue I’m having is that you need to rebuild the lighting each time you make a change or the render shows “Preview” in the shadows of the image / animation. Every time I build the lights, the scene goes black. If i then make a change to the lights, move a couple of millimetres, everything goes back to looking great. Rebuild the lighting and it goes back to black.

I’ll figure it out eventually and this will allow me to create animated scenes very quickly but, for now, it’s slow image creation for me.

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