Assault Plans – The Movie

I love this..

UE4 was giving me issues with lighting which I managed to fix. Then I try to animate the figures and discover the animation system is way above my head.

Blender I understand enough about to achieve what I’m trying to do but the render times make it impractical.

At 24 frames per second, a 10 second animation is 240 frames.

One frame at a high resolution and image quality would take my machine about an hour to render. 240 hours is a 10 day render time for a short animation. Obviously this isn’t workable.

So… After a bit of Googling I discovered there are render farms online that work in a similar way to the old SETI and Cancer research screen savers from years ago.

Essentially you create your animation in Blender and then upload the .blend file. This file is then broken down to the individual frames and sent out to PCs all round the world for people to render singularly.

Each member has a client installed that pulls down files, renders them, and then sends it back to the main servers. These then get pulled together into a ZIP file for you to download.

I’m using Sheep IT as it’s free to use. This works as they have adverts on their site and accept donations. Sheep IT works on a points system. You gain points for each frame of someone else’s project you render, these are calculated by the complexity of the frame being rendered. You then use these points to submit your own projects for rendering.

This system ensures that all members contribute to the farm and also prevents massive projects swamping the service too often.

The above animation that should have taken me around 10 days to render took the farm 2.5 hours.

This opens us many possibilities for future projects

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