Cupcakes, Campaigns, & Covid

  • “I am grateful for…”
    • We are off to visit Joe and Carolina today for lunch in their garden. I am grateful for the fact that it isn’t raining and it’s not freezing cold.
    • I am grateful we have woken up with enough time to finish decorating the cakes we are taking with us.
    • Being able to meet up with friends again. Yes it’s only six people or two households and it’s only outside, but it’s a start.
  • “What would make today great?”
    • Having a tidy kitchen before our weekly shop is delivered.
    • Having fun at Joe’s
    • Reading the next section of the Lost Mines of Phandelver. I’m running this campaign and need to refresh myself with what the players know and where they can go in the next session.
    • Decorate the cup cakes we are taking with us.
    • I’ve lived here for two years now and have only just got around to registering with the local GP practice. To confirm this, I need to take my passport and proof of address over to them. First I need to find proof of address as most things are in Kate’s name.
  • “What’s ONE Thing I must accomplish today?”
    • Have fun at Joe’s and enjoy the fact we can meet up with people now.

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