A Lazy Day Ahead

  • “I am grateful for…”
    • The opportunity to sleep in. We had a late night and I woke up twice with leg cramp during the night. I think it was because we had the window open. Warm body touching cold bedsheets.
    • No plans. It’s been a busy few days with starting my new job and visiting Joe. Today I get to do very little and anything I do will be at my pace. No time constraints or deadlines.
  • “What would make today great?”
    • A good D&D session this evening.
    • Getting a decent amount of housework done.
    • Getting my passport out. I need this to register at the surgery tomorrow and to take to work on Tuesday as proof of identity so I can get paid.
    • Make some time to relax with Kate. Once this bank holiday weekend is over we’ll both be back at work full time so we need to make the most of it.
    • Check on my daughter. She’s travelling long distance on a train today for the first time so that’s a little nerve wracking for me. She’ll be fine, she’ll be fine.
  • “What’s ONE Thing I must accomplish today?
    • Prep for tonight gaming session and have fun!

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