We Need More Space

  • “What did I achieve today?”
    • Quite a successful day really.

      I fixed the latch on one of our windows. We notice the other day that the window in our bedroom wouldn’t lock properly as the latch wasn’t closing like it should.

      After a bit of investigation it urns out that the little catch the closing arm goes over wasn’t depressing properly. So, a quick spray of the magic dust that is WD40 and everything is working just as it should.

      Does it move? Yes. Should it? No. Use duct tape. Does it move? No. Should it? Yes. Use WD40.
    • We also got a good hour of housework in. We now have a clean living room. It’s not perfect but it’s a lot better than it should. And we have a load of clean clothes drying on the airing racks.
  • “What lessons did I learn today?”
    • We need to reorganise our nerd shelves. Recently we’ve ordered a lot )and I mean a lot) of Funko Pop figures and we are now running out of display space for them.
  • “What am I thankful for right now?”
    • I’m thankful for the Pop figure problem as it might make me look at the volume of stuff we have. Living in a 2 bedroom flat where we aren’t allowed to put up shelves really does limit your storage and display options.
  • “How am I feeling right now?”
    • I’m pretty chill right now. I’m enjoying the weekend after my first full week at work and I’m thinking I’m going to have to make the most of them now. Having spent essentially a year at home doing what I want, when I want has made me forget how much of your time is normally taken up with working.
  • “What did I read today?”
  • “What are 3 amazing things that happened today?”
    • We have a tidy living room
    • Our Black Panther Funko Pop arrived
    • We finished season 1 of Battlestar Galactica
  • “How could I have made today better?”
    • I think we could have done more housework to be honest but there’s always tomorrow…

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