Cars, Space Drones, and Horticulture

  • “What did I achieve today?”
    • Valeted Kate’s car ready for the handover on Tuesday.
    • Visited the Biltong shop, got some for us and some for Alice which we dropped off for her.
  • “What did I learn today?”
    • There is a drone on Mars that is about to make the first powered flight on another planet and attached to it is a small square of fabric from the wing of the Wright Flier. The first man made vehicle used in powered flight on Earth.
  • “What am I thankful for right now?”
    • Our Dungeons & Dragons session has been cancelled as a couple of the group are back to work fully tomorrow and I think we are all feeling a little stretched right now.
  • “How am I feeling right now?”
    • Tired. An easy evening now. No real energy to do anything else.
  • “What did I read today?”
    • A Guardian article about the little helicopter currently sitting on the surface of Mars.

      Ingenuity flew to Mars as part of the Perseverance rover mission and was dropped onto the surface on the 18th of March 2021.

      The drone is part of an experiment to see if a machine is capable of surviving the huge temperature variance on Mars and if it can actually fly in the thin atmosphere of the red planet. If successful, this could lead to larger drones with more sophisticated instruments on them being sent to Mars.

      The first in a series of tests will happen sometime around Wednesday this coming week (14th of April). This test will be a simple take off, hover, and land exercise and if successful will lead to more test that will gradually increase flight times and distance. It will also mark the first powered flight on another planet, 118 years after the Wright brothers made the first ever powered flight in 1903.
  • “What are 3 amazing things that happened today?”
    • We gave Kate’s car a thorough clean as it goes back on Tuesday to be replaced with a newer model.
    • Last week we had to trim Steven our Schefflera plant as it was touching the ceiling. I put the cutting in a pot of water and it has grown a new shoot so I re-potted it properly today. Hopefully it’ll continue to grow.
    • We’ve made the first step in leasing me a new car. Now we are waiting for the leasing company to call us, hopefully tomorrow, to get moving on this properly.
  • “How could I have made today better?”
    • Another few hours would have been nice. We had a lot to do but cleaning the car took way longer than we had anticipated. First the car wash we went to was out of order and so was the vacuum cleaner. We tried another garage and the car wash broke down half way through its cycle. Low water levels or something. Their vacuum cleaner was not very powerful so we gave up on that.

      Kates sister had a Henry vacuum so we went over there and did the best we could to hoover out the car and wiped down the interior surfaces and then went back to the car wash for the second wash.

      This all took us the best part of the afternoon and so we didn’t get much of the rest of our list of things to do checked off.

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