Assault Plans

Meanwhile, at the Rebel base, Mon Montha and General Rieekan discuss plans for their next raid on the Imperial supply routes Another scene from the Star Wars Lego ideas book. This image took Blender a full hour to render. I did an initial attempt with coloured lighting in the transparent bricks but it was renderingContinue reading “Assault Plans”

Rodent Trouble

I’ve always loved playing with Lego and I’m a massive Star Wars fan so it’s lovely when I get the chance to combine them. I don’t own a massive amount of Lego and most of it is either Star Wars or Batman themed (I have the bat cave and a Batmobile amongst others. What IContinue reading “Rodent Trouble”

Challenge Your Limits

I did something I have never done before.I went swimming in the sea during a weekend away in Worthing.

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