It’s So Orange!!

“What did I achieve today?” As part of my new job I have a skills matrix. This is a list of skills I need to learn and stuff I need to know. Today I managed to check of another line on this matrix which is another step along in my training. “What did I learnContinue reading “It’s So Orange!!”

We Need More Space

“What did I achieve today?” Quite a successful day really. I fixed the latch on one of our windows. We notice the other day that the window in our bedroom wouldn’t lock properly as the latch wasn’t closing like it should. After a bit of investigation it urns out that the little catch the closingContinue reading “We Need More Space”


“I am grateful for…” The ability to have a hot shower in the morning. We must remember this is not the norm for millions of people. We are very lucky. “What would make today great?” Focusing at work Going to be with a tidy kitchen “What’s ONE Thing I must accomplish today?” I would likeContinue reading “Focus…Focus”

Outdoors fun

“What did I achieve today?” Spending a good few hours outside in the sun today was great for the soul. We spent the afternoon over at Pippa’s on her veranda, Chimenea ablaze, teas and coffee all round. Having been stuck inside for much of the last 12 months with little social contact with people otherContinue reading “Outdoors fun”

A Lazy Day Ahead

“I am grateful for…” The opportunity to sleep in. We had a late night and I woke up twice with leg cramp during the night. I think it was because we had the window open. Warm body touching cold bedsheets. No plans. It’s been a busy few days with starting my new job and visitingContinue reading “A Lazy Day Ahead”

Soooo Much Food!

“What did I achieve today?” Joe’s was a blast. Carolina seemed to have made it her mission to feed us for the week in a single day! And then she said that anything we didn’t eat, we are taking home with us! So we now have a fridge full of Polish meats, coleslaw, and cakeContinue reading “Soooo Much Food!”


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