It’s So Orange!!

  • “What did I achieve today?”
    • As part of my new job I have a skills matrix. This is a list of skills I need to learn and stuff I need to know. Today I managed to check of another line on this matrix which is another step along in my training.
  • “What did I learn today?”
    • That there are two people in my company with the same name.

      I sent an email to one of the buyers today to chase a delivery date for some stock.

      I actually sent the email to our CEO… The guy i wanted uses him middle initial in his email address to differentiate him from the CEO..

      Oh well! If you want to know something, go straight to the top.
  • “What am I thankful for right now?”
    • Our new Car. Kate has had her company car replaced and we now have a power orange Vauxhall Corsa with lots of toys on it. Automatic headlights that not only come on when it gets dark but also switches to and from high beam automatically, Automatic windscreen wipers, Lane assist, amongst others.
  • “How am I feeling right now?”
    • happy and blessed. Despite having had a challenging year with Jobs and COVID, things are beginning to turn themselves around and we are in a much better position than we have been for a while.
  • “What did I read today?”
    • I’ve started to read through the D&D adventure The Curse of Strahd. I’m hoping to run this for the next campaign to I’ve started to familiarise myself with it.
  • “What are 3 amazing things that happened today?”
    • New car. So Orange!
    • Bosses with a sense of humour
    • The snow we had early morning didn’t settle and was pretty much gone by lunchtime.
  • “How could I have made today better?”
    • Not a lot to be honest. Today was a good day.

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